“Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance” ― Stephen Keague, The Little Red Handbook of Public Speaking and Presenting

Body Language Mistakes

1. If your eye contact with the audience is too short - this will make you look unreliable or nervous. 

2. Leaning forward too much shows that you are aggressive. 

3. Leaning back too much tells that you are tired, lazy or arrogant.

4. Nodding too often - you are a 'yes' person and not sincere.

5. Pointing with your hands at the audience creates an impression that you are aggressive.

6. Crossing your arms makes you look defensive, especially when you are answering questions. 

7. Fidgeting or wriggling makes your audience think that you are nervous.

8. Holding your hands behind your back will make you look severe and hard.

9. Looking up or looking around and avoiding eye contact with the audience shows that you are lying and perhaps you are not honest.

10. Staring can mean that you are aggressive. 

11. Not smiling (no genuine smile) will make the audience feel nervous and uncomfortable. People will wonder why you are there, standing in front of them.

12. Checking your watch or smartphone shows that you want to be somewhere else (not in front of the audience).

13. Stepping back when you are asked a question shows that you are scared because you are not sure if you are giving the correct answer.

14. Holding palms up tells the audience that you are weak. 

15. Standing with hands on hips is an aggressive and impolite posture. Avoid it!

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