“Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance” ― Stephen Keague, The Little Red Handbook of Public Speaking and Presenting

Final Exam Topics

 Oral presentation topics:
  1. Online Advertising Methods vs Traditional Advertising Methods
  2. The Importance of Newspapers in our Daily Life        
  3. The Dangers of Using a Smartphone while Driving
  4. Does the Internet Mean the Death of Newspapers?    
  5. Special Privileges for Working Women
  6. Traditional Books and e-Books
  7. Meat Consumption and Health
  8. Effects of Exercise on Aging and Disease Prevention
  9. Is Social Media Negatively Impacting on Student Studies?    
  10. The Greatest Values of Life 
  11. The Importance of Education, Science, Technology and Medicine in Human Life
  12. The Internet for Business Students: Advantages and Disadvantages
  13. The Role of Advertising in Business
  14. The Internet and Advertising
  15. The Global Economy and Cross-cultural Communication
  16.  How to Advertise a Product: Which Methods to Choose?
  17. How to Avoid Cross-cultural Miscommunication
  18. The Modern Wonders of the World
  19. Euthanasia: Cons and Pros
  20. Application of Tablets for Business Purposes
  21. The World Wide Web and New Business Opportunities
  22. Internet Crime: Problems and Solutions
  23. Business Success Stories
  24. Stages of Finding a Good Job in the Job Market
  25. Work Ethics and the Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace
  26. Language and Global Economy
  27. Table Manners and Etiquette
  28. Violence and Aggressiveness among Teenagers
  29. Environment and its Protection
  30. Problems of Transport and their Solutions
  31. Workplaces and Computers 
  32. Phobias and their Treatment
  33. The Effects of the Internet on Health
  34. Internet Addiction: Problems and Solutions
  35. The Qualities of a Good Manager
  36. Plastic Surgery: Procedure. Moral Implications. 
  37. Higher Education in UAE: Colleges and Universities
  38. Computer Security Issues.
  39. Use of IT in Fashion Designing. Analysis.
  40. Marketing Trends in Fashion: UAE. Case Studies 
  41. English Speaking Countries and their Cultures
  42. How to Learn Foreign Languages Effectively
  43. Health and Nutrition Problems among Students
  44. Anorexia, its Causes, and its Consequences
  45. The Effects of Fashion on People's Health
  46. Thalassemia in the World and the UAE
  47. The Social Networks and our Young Generation
  48. Is Physical Force a Justifiable Method of Punishing Children?
  49. How to Identify the Personal Characteristics of Leaders
  50. An overview of jobs that soon will be no longer required 
  51. To Err is Human. To Forgive is Divine. 
  52. How Colors Affect the Way People Feel in Various Situations
  53. What Characteristics Make an Ideal Hero and Why?
  54. What Human Qualities we Need More of and Why
  55. Is the Fashion Industry Promoting Eating Disorders in our Society?
  56. The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business 
  57. Crime and Poverty Prevention in the World
  58. How to Deal with Difficult People 
  59. How to Motivate Yourself to Study
  60. Effects of Music on the Mind and Brain
  61. Road Traffic Accidents