“Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance” ― Stephen Keague, The Little Red Handbook of Public Speaking and Presenting

Presentation Topics

Dear All,

If you have not chosen so far, please choose a topic from the list below and let me know when we meet in class. On a small piece of paper, write your name, ID and the topic (with the number). Each student must choose a different topic. You will have to give a speech in front of class. You will have to speak 10 minutes (+ 5 minutes will be devoted to questions-answers).

1. My Dream School
2. Money and the Values of Life 
3. The Importance of Education, Science, Technology and Medicine in Human Life
4. How to Become a Successful Learner
5. Film as a Medium of Mass Communication and as an Industry
6. What is the Purpose of Life?
7. The Internet for ESL students: Advantages, Current Trends. Case Study-curriculum of a college/university using IT as a teaching and learning resource. 
8. The Advertising Industry
9. The Internet and Advertising
10. The Global Economy and Cross-cultural Communication
11. Principles of Marketing Management
12. How to Advertise a Product?
13. Continents of the World
14. The Place of English as a Foreign Language in the Educational System: Past and Present 
15. How to Avoid Cross-cultural Miscommunication
16. The Modern Wonders of the World
17. The Ancient Wonders of the World
18. How to Lose Weight; Dieting and Health
19. Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, and their Effects on Human Body
20. Euthanasia: Cons and Pros
21. PCs: Desktops and Laptops
22. History of the Internet
23. The World Wide Web and New Business Opportunities
24. Internet Crime, Computer Addiction and Computer-phobia
25. Types of Jobs: advantages and disadvantages
26. Stages of Finding a Job in the Job Market
27. How to Write a Letter of Application?
28. How to Write an Effective CV?
29. Work Ethics and the Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace
30. The Importance of Language, Information, Knowledge and Creative Thinking
31. Language and Global Economy
32. Table Manners and Etiquette
33. UFOs and Aliens: Illusions and Reality
34. Human Diseases and How to Prevent Them
35. Violence and Aggressiveness in Sports
36. Environment and its Protection
37. Problems of Transport and their Solutions
38. Hospitals and Computers: Computerization of Hospital Departments such as Pharmacy, Staff Records, Patient Records etc. Case Study. 
39. Decline of Communication due to Technology
40. Healthy Mind is in Healthy Body
41. The Importance of Planning
42. The World in 2025
43. My Greatest Fear in Life
44. Is Watching TV a Waste of Time?
45. The Relationship between Learning English and Getting a Good Job
46. Does Wealth Lead to Happiness? 
47. The Advantages and the Disadvantages of Life in the City and the Countryside
48. Countries of the World and Famous Capital Cities.
49. Has the Internet Become the Main and the Only Source of Information?
50. The Search Engines in the Internet: Yahoo and Google
51. The Effects of the Internet on Health
52. Does the Internet Affect Children Negatively?
53. Internet Addiction: Problems and Solutions
54. The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World
55. Teachers as Role Models
56. Something that Changed my Life
57. The Qualities of a Good Manager
58. Earning a lot of Money or Job Satisfaction?
59. The Perfect Job
60. The Importance of Job Motivation
61. The Importance of Job Satisfaction
62. The Kind of Job I like Most.
63. The Type of Job I Hate
64. The Benefits of Herbs
65. The Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables.
66. Using the Internet as a Learning Tool: Application in Foundation Programs and in Specialized Areas of Study
67. People's Favorite Movie Genres
68. Famous Painters in the History of the World
69. Plastic Surgery: Procedure. Moral Implications. Values in Today’s World. Case Study.
70. Computer Virus-Types. Causes. Effects. Preventive Measures. Case Study 
71. Higher Education in UAE - Colleges & Universities in UAE. Quality Assurance Mechanisms. Case Study. 
72. Famous Cities and Countries 
73. Studying Abroad. Problems. Advantages. Increased Value in the Job Market. Case Study. 
74. Study Culture in UAE; Attitude and Real Problems 
75. Attendance problems; Analysis, Causes, Effects, Solutions 
76. College Information System (CIS)-Applications. Problems. Advantages. Case Study 
77. Your Area of Specialization and its Importance in your life
78. Games Technology. Courses offered in UAE. Value in the Job Market. Case Study. 
79. IT and Entertainment. Applications. Case Study 
80. Laser technology. Applications. Research done on Advantages and Disadvantages. Case Study 
81. The Use of Multimedia. Advantages. Disadvantages. Case Study 
82. Overdependence on Technology: Analysis, Case Studies, Causes, Effects, Predictions 
83. Artificial Intelligence: a Boon or a Bane? 
84.  Should we Develop Advanced Robots that can make Decisions of their own? Current progress, Case Studies, Predictions 
85. Stem Cell Research: Current State of Progress. Moral implications
86. Cloning: A Question of Ethics
87. Technology and Medicine: Biotechnology. Case Study
88. Java and the world of animation: Applications. Case Study 
89. Chemical computers. Basic Principles, Current Stage of Development, Advantages, Disadvantages and Predictions
90. Networking. Basic Principles. Advantages. Disadvantages. Case Study 
91. Programming Languages. Types. Applications. Case Study 
92. Computer Security. Its importance today. Case Study 
93. Contact Lenses: Advantages. Disadvantages 
94. Global Positioning System (GPS) in UAE. Case Study 
95. Microwave Ovens; Analysis of studies done on advantages and disadvantages. Case Study 
96. Computerized Library Systems. HCT as a Case Study 
97. IT support in universities and colleges; Services, Procedures, Problems 
98. Distance Education: Courses offered through the Net. Quality. Case Study 
99. Use of Design in IT: Application. Case Study 
100. Use of IT in Fashion Designing. Analysis. Case Study 
101. Marketing Trends in Fashion: UAE. Case Studies 
102. Is Creativity in IT essential? Analysis. Case Studies
103. Censoring websites. Current situation. Advantages. Disadvantages. Case Study 
104. Quality Assurance and the Internet: Current Situation. Advantages. Disadvantages. Case Study 
105. Satellite Communication (choose one area with case studies e.g. in war, weather forecasting, etc.) 
106. Privatization in UAE (case studies of private companies).
107. Job Market Trends in UAE; campus interviews, number of graduates joining the workforce annually, the most wanted professions in UAE.
108. English Speaking Countries and their Cultures
109. Smartphones in the Future
110. How to Learn Foreign Languages Effectively
111. Health and Nutrition Problems among Students
112. The Dangers of Organ Transplant
113. Positive and Negative Aspects of Plastic Surgery
114. Anorexia, its Causes, and its Consequences
115. The Effects of Fashion on People's Health
116. Thalassemia in the World and in the UAE
117. Social Networks and our Young Generation
118. Is Physical Force a Justifiable Method of Punishing Children?
119. Mechanisms for Friendly Robotics
120. Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?
121. How to Make Fun Every Day in Life
122. Why I Don't Want to be a Millionaire
123. How to Identify the Personal Characteristics of Leaders
124. Quirky Fashions: the Oddest Clothing Fashions in the History of the World
125. Facebook Kills Face to Face Conversation Skills
126. How to Explain the Value of Social Media to People who Don't Use it
127. An overview of jobs that soon will be, or are already, no longer required because modern technology has replaced the need for people with automated processes
128. The Weirdest Inventions: When and why they were invented
129. Violent Computer Games Should be Banned
130. Real Wealth is never Measured in Money or Possessions
131. Plants Have Feelings Too
132. To Err is Human. To Forgive is Divine. 
133. How Colors Affects the Way People Feel
134. Laughter is the Best Medicine.
135. Fools and their Money are Easily Parted
136. What Characteristics Make an Ideal Hero and Why?
137. What Human Qualities we Need More of and Why
138. Is the Fashion Industry Promoting Eating Disorders in our Society?
139. Is There Life on Other Planets?
140. Does Luck Play an Important Part in the Success of a Person?
141. Interesting Facts about Planet Mars
142. Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business 
143. Crime and Poverty Prevention 
144. Can You Change Your Habits?   
145. How to Deal with Difficult People 
146. Importance of Discipline in Life
147. How to Motivate Yourself to Study
148. Accomplishments of George Washington
149. People who Changed the World
150. People Who Rose from the Ashes
151. Successful Entrepreneurs who Overcame Adversities
152. How to Set Goals and Achieve Them
153. E-Commerce: All You Need To Know
154. Ozone Layer and Global Warming
155. What Makes a Rainbow
156. Long Term Effects of Lack of Sleep
157. Effects of Music on the Mind and Brain
158. Gifts you Should not Give to People in Different Countries
159. Is Home Schooling Better than Schooling from a School?
160. First Man on the Moon
161. Pros and Cons of Consuming Coffee and Coffee Products
162. Bermuda Triangle: A Fact or a Myth?
163. Does Playing Computer or Video Games Affect an Individual's Social Development?
164. Overpopulation: Its Problems and Solutions
165. Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing
166. Advantages and Disadvantages of Decentralization
167. Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
168. Natural Disasters and their Causes
169. Vegetarianism Versus Non-vegetarianism
170. Online Business: Fantasy or Reality?
171. Interesting Cultures
172. Multi-Level Marketing
173. The Welfare System
174. Fastest Growing Careers
175. Barbarian Conquest of Rome 
176. Different Genres of Music
177. Amazing Facts about Cheetahs 
178. Stop Selling Weapons to Other Countries
179. Should Hotels Increase Security to Reduce the Rising Crimes against their Guests
180. What it Means to be a Hero
181. Life on Other Planets
182. Should Students be Permitted to Consume Food Products During Classes?
183. About Horses
184. Are Fairy Tales Good for Young Children?
185. Procrastination and Productivity
186. Recent  Advances in Sciences
187. About Red Cross
188. What is the Role of the United Nations?
190. Children, TV and Violence
191. The Ethics of Business 
192. School’s Responsibility vs. Parental Responsibility for School Violence
193. How Does Tobacco Use Affect the Human Body?
194. Low Carbohydrate vs. Low Fat Diets
195. Alternative Medicine: Advantages and Disadvantages
196. Is Alzheimer’s Inevitable? Examine Theories Regarding its Prevention
197. Connections Between Emotional Stability and Physical Well-being
198. Famous Writers in the History of the World 
199. How Did the Roman Empire Fall?
200. What Makes a Life Meaningful?