“Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance” ― Stephen Keague, The Little Red Handbook of Public Speaking and Presenting

Listening Tasks: Part 1

Listen and improve your listening skills. English language listening website ESL Lab developed by Randall Davis will help you to enhance your listening abilities through exercises with self-grading. You will improve your pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, learn new words and phrases, and you will also be able to understand better those people who use different accents. Here are some selected links for your level. Listen and complete the tests.

First Day of Class

School Schedule

Internet Access

Bus Travel: Sightseeing Across Country

Taped Library Tour

Dinner Ideas

A Student Credit Card

A Healthy Lifestyle

A Hiking Family

Tour of Kyoto, Japan

UFO: A Story to Remember

Saving the Earth

Airline Safety

News Report : Disaster Relief and Other Emergencies

Back to School Supplies

Baking Cookies: Dad's Cooking Show

Breakfast Recipes: And a Small Surprise!

Budget Hotel Rooms

Bus Trip

Car Rental

Career Search: Finding the Right Job

College Majors: Getting a University Degree

College Roommates

College Textbooks

Job Hunting: Finding Work Today


Hiking Arches National Park

Blood Donations

College Scholarships

ESL Program Meeting

Computer Sales and Repairs


Roadside Assistance: Emergency Call

English Language Center

Moving Company

Smart Phones

Texting and Driving

Personal Security: Theft in the Park

Carpet Cleaning: Radio Advertising

Movie Show Times

TV Guide

Vacation Plans

Weekly Activities

World of Computers

Medical Advice

Apartment Living

ESL Programs: Studying English Abroad

Airport Announcement

I Love Trees

A Free Cell Phone!